As the renovation of the Market Square neared completion, the Trustees of the Midhurst Town Trust were keen to replace the memorial plaque that marked the planting of the North American Red Oak tree that still remains in the Square.

The only information available was from an article published in the Midhurst and Petworth Observer dated 31st December 1981. The article states that the tree was planted by Mr. W Martin a nephew of Mr. Charles Day who left England in 1919 to join the Forestry Commission in Midhurst, Ontario. Mr Day, who had left Midhurst when he was 20, had passed away the previous year and it was agreed that a tree could be planted in his memory.

A local resident remembers the plaque and thought the inscription was “In Memory of Charles Day of Midhurst, Ontario”. The plaque disappeared many years ago as the wooden post and mounting had rotted away but nobody has come forward who can confirm what was on the plaque. However there remains a small possibility that some thoughtful person has kept it safe and may return it someday!

Having failed to find the information, the Trustees decided to commission a new plaque which has been installed on the slabs adjacent to the tree.